Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hi folks. My Google+ account was suspended because I did not use my real name. I used my 'stage' name for our JimmyLee and Bambi Show on CNI Radio.

Since they required me to change to my real name, I deleted all social portions of my Bambi CNI Radio account and am no longer on Google+. I had a great time on Google+!!! I enjoyed seeing you all. It really is the best social site on the web, IMHO. I am sorry that they make such unreasonable requirements.

Do I care so much whether my name is out there, my real name? Yes, and no.

Here's the feedback I left for Google+ upon removing my account:

I am leaving Google+ because I believe you have no right to REQUIRE me to use my REAL NAME on my account.

I removed my Facebook account in part for the same reasons. I would have loved to stay with Google+ but you made it impossible.

I will miss Google+ as I have missed no other social account. But that can't be helped. I believe you put people at risk by requiring them to use their REAL NAMES. I believe it is a real security risk and I would strongly suggest you change that requirement. It was wrong of Facebook, and it's wrong of Google+.

In some countries it is downright dangerous for them to use their real names.

Google+ Teams should rethink their whole position on this policy.

I strongly feel that they should rethink their policies. Being able to find 'friends' does not give them the right to require people to use their real names online.

Sad, because Google+ did the best so far on the balance of privacy and content. At least as long as I could test the Beta/Field Test about 10 days.

Oh, well. No matter how much you may or may not have helped the field test with feedback, it really doesn't matter if they change the rules midstream and require you to use your real name.

Google and the Google+ Teams should really review some of the information at and reconsider their stance on REAL NAMES.

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