Saturday, February 11, 2012

Google Plus Profile Suspended again!

OK Now this is getting nuts!

After being told my account was fine per this posting yesterday and the first one back in July here, now today after appeal #3, I can no longer look at any information on Google+ or add people to my Circle etc. And the following pops right up when I go to my G+ account.

So, now AGAIN! my name doesn't meet the Google+ policy!?!
After being told it did and them saying it was approved and meets the name policy!?!

It even let me change my profile image. I still have my old profile image under the photos, but wanted an image that more represented the JimmyLee and Bambi Show on

So what is going is going on. I have added links to my LilBambi's BambisMusings,, my lilbambi flickr page. 

As I noted previously I have been known as Bambi since my CB Radio days. I created alternates LilBambi and BambisMusings (short for Bambi's Musings) over the years. All related to my Bambi identity. 


  1. Well maybe it is because you need a first and last name. Maybe the period is not sufficient for a last name entry.

  2. Not according to their new name policy. You can have Bambi and no last name if you put a . in the last name:

  3. OK, back to being able to see public and other people's accounts that are in my circles and picasa when I am logged in again. I also edited by other names known as to include my LilBambi name and BambisMusings (short for Bambi's Musings).

  4. I assume this is because it now says my account is **Your profile is suspended pending review.**