Thursday, September 11, 2014


A friend recently got back on G+ and wrote this on Scot's Newsletter Forums:

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V.T. Eric Layton, on 10 September 2014 - 10:25 PM, said:
You may remember that many of us were beta testers for G+ before it ever went "Live." When the Nymwars started and I decided to purge all things Google from my life, I asked them to delete my original G+ account. They actually provided me with a compressed archived of all my posts, pics, +1s and other data. I still have it, actually. The funny thing is that when I signed back up recently, all the folks who had me in their circles back then still had me in them currently. So much for erasing my tracks.

Once you're on the Internet, YOU ARE IMMORTAL! ;)

To which I responded with the following:

I too was a G+ Beta tester that got turned on. 
Oh, yeah, how can I forget the Nymwars! 
Here's my postings on my Blogger blog for CN Radio at the time. 
Starting in February 2012 when I started to finally document it: 
Google Plus snafu! 
Google Plus Profile Suspended again! 
Google Plus Suspended Account Saga Continues 
Changed my identity info and my Blog name 
Then, in August 2012: 
I have given up on Google Plus 
And that was my last entry on my Blogger Bambi Blog so far. 
I will not give it up though. Made that mistake once before and malware purveyors took over when I removed my blog. 
But I am back on Google+ my self too as you and many others have found. After Google+ changed their policy as noted in this G+ posting on their policy change. 
And yes, I am back on G+ now with my old Bambi account! Yea!

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